PortCity Analysis

PortCity Analysis

The Beirut PortCity Dialogue presents the views based on the concept developed by HPC, Colliers, and Fraunhofer IMW that might be required for the type and scale of the reconstruction of the port of Beirut.

The concept goes beyond the reconstruction of the status-quo, presenting a new opportunity to extend and further develop both the port and the inner city.

The next step is to prepare a detailed analysis for the individual areas, which we will also be provided hereunder "Analyses." If you want to stay informed about the latest uploads, you are welcome to subscribe to "Dialog News." 

Study Overview

Overview of the most important analysis results

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On the role of the port in the region and its prospects

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Why we carried out the study

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Roadmap considerations and implementation requirements

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Port Development

Damage stocktaking of the port and civil infrastructure

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About the port redevelopment and expansions strategy

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Presenting three options for the port layout

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Highlighting the hinterland's growth potential

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What is the most profitable option?

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What indirect effects have been identified?

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Project organisation based on a clear governance

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